Feedback from our Maths and Literacy Parent Workshop

Thank you to all who attended our Year 1 Parents’ Workshops recently.

Below is your much appreciated feedback!


“I was very pleased to attend the workshop. Very effective and simple ideas for my child to learn and this showed me how supportive the school is. Thank you!”

“This workshop was excellent. And I now understand how to do activities at home. It’s an excellent workshop. Thanks. ”

“This workshop was really useful. I have been attending all the workshops since my child was in Reception and this workshop gave me lots of new ideas on how to help my child at home. Thank you so much.”

“The workshop was very interesting and it gave me ideas on how to teach our children at home. I really liked the way the teachers taught us in the workshop.”

“Thank you for this morning. It was nice to know what you can learn from the school website.”

“This workshop was very useful 🙂 Thanks.”

“Some of the game ideas were very helpful and will definitely ‘bee’ used at home! 🙂 Thank you!”

“To Winterbourne, very informative workshop about maths and literacy. This will surely help us back at home. Everything was perfect!”


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