Winterbourne Nursery and Infants School Food bank

As we are in challenging times, we are aware that some families are finding it hard to make ends meet. At Winterbourne Nursery and Infants school, we have teamed up with some of our local food banks and are able to provide you with vouchers if needed on a two-week period. In light of working with the food banks we have started a food bank service within our school, for families who are truly struggling to find food to feed their family during this difficult time.

We are providing this on an emergency need only, this is for when you are not able to access any other food banks and are in need of supplies until you have received your E-food vouchers.  If you are a family that are doing well please feel free to come and donate to our food bank, it will be highly appreciated. If you are a family in need please come, we are here to help.

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