WOW! We have made it through to the end of the Autumn term and what a term it has been! So much has happened since September and we cannot wait to fill you in…

Our Year 1 children have grown up so much! We are so proud of how each child has blossomed over the term! It’s been amazing to watch every child grow and learn.  The transformation since Reception has just blown us away! They are growing into wonderful human beings!

This term, we have been super busy!

We’ve raised money for different charities, including Children in Need and Save the Children. We’ve celebrated Black History Month and learnt about our athlete, Serena Williams and all that she has done for the sport and overcome along the way. We’ve also had a wonderful visit from our new school dog, Flo. We learnt how to behave around dogs and what to do if we do not want to say hello.

We’ve finished the term, with a week full of Christmas! Christmas dinner, parties, performances and a visit from Santa all in one week! It’s been busy!

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