This week we have been learning about Ramadan and Eid.  We had an assembly on Thursday which even included a puppet show!  We were interested to hear some of our Muslim children explaining how they get ready for Eid celebrations.  In Year 1 we learned about Zakat – or charitable giving; and in reception we thought about how we can help by giving our time to help people too.

Year 2 children compared the celebration of Eid with some of the other festivals they have studied.

‘I notice that there are lights in all of them – Candles for Hanukkah, diyas and Christmas Trees’ decided one child, ‘no not for Eid!’ replied a friend. ‘We put up little lights in our house to decorate for Eid – so it is!’ added a third child.’ We finished the week with some lovely music outside at home-time.​

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