Parent Presentations & Workshops

Below you will find a series of documents created specifically for you to aid in understanding our school ethos, vision and expectations in regards to your childs education. Also included are a series of very useful workshops for you. These documents are regularly updated so please keep checking back for new information.

To download a document of your choice, please click on the links below. If you would prefer a printed version, we are very happy to offer that to you. Please talk to our office staff who would be very happy to help you.


Please click on the links for more:

Workshops – Spring 2 2022:

Workshops – Spring 1 2022:

Workshops – Autumn 2 2021:

Workshops – Autumn 1 2021:

New to Year Group Parent meetings (July 21):

Keeping Parents Informed Workshop (June 21):

Keeping Parents Informed Workshops (Apr 21):

Online Learning Guide Workshop (Jan 21):

Maths Workshops:

Writing Workshops (Nov20):

Reading Workshops (Sept 20):

Writing Workshops (Nov19):