Welcome to the Pastoral Care page

Working in partnership with parents is very important, it helps to support families between home life and school life which allows our children to reach their full potential.

Being the family support worker at Winterbourne Nursery and Infant School comes with a variety of roles. One of these roles are to work with children and their families whose attendance falls below 95%. In any case that your child’s attendance at school falls below this level I will be contacted by the local authority attendance officer who would ask me to work with your family to improve your child’s attendance. It is important that your child attends school every day and on time, for learning is so important and key to success, we aim to instil a love of learning from a young age to give children good foundations to help them in the future.

Sometimes in life we are faced with unexpected difficulties whether it is Marital, grief, depression, housing issues or illness, part of my role is to work with you in any way I can to help you and your child/ren overcome these barriers by setting an action plan together and working on it for success.

My role also is to ensure that your child’s overall wellbeing is being looked after and that they have the tools at hand to cope with difficult situations and I will be using Drawing and Talking Therapy which has a good success rate in overcoming wellbeing issues.

Engaging with parents is very rewarding. Sometimes I arrange food parcels for parents which are experiencing difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances also I chat to parents if they are just wanting to share some concerns about personal issues.

Miss Jenny Bravery,
Family Support Worker