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Year 2 – Science Day

Christmas science day We had lots of fun on our Christmas science day. We had to do some really important…
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Year 1 – Science Day

Christmas Science day This week we had Christmas Science day.  The school received a letter from Santa asking for their…
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Reception – Science Day

Christmas Science Day ‘The best day ever!’ was the opinion on our first ever Christmas Science Day.  The challenge was…
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Year 1 – Superheroes

Superheroes We celebrated our topic ‘Superheroes’ by having a WOW day where we dressed up as our favourite superheroes. We…
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Reception One Run 2020

One Run  2020 The children enjoyed dancing to different types of music, as part of their activity for ‘One Run,…
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Exploring shapes

Exploring shapes We explored shape and developed our cutting skills. We selected shapes and talked about what they were like…
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One Run 2020

Nursery One Run  2020 The children did a special Daily Mile for ‘One Run, Human Right’s Day’. They enjoyed waving…
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Worm detectives

Worm detectives In Reception this week we all became worm detectives! We discuss where worms live and then we used…
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Year 1 – Wow Day!

Year 1 – Wow Day! We had lots of fun making rainbows for our ‘Wow Day’ on our first day…
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